We deliver bespoke LTA Play Tests for all coaches wishing to get on top a level 3 or above qualification.

The LTA Play Test allows people to be assessed against the relevant entry playing criteria for a specific qualification.  We can arrange a suitable time for you to attend, we usually run our play tests at the end of one of our course days.  So we can fit around you!  We have opportunities for Play Tests all over the country, so give us a call today and book yourself in.

Play Test Fee – £60

Once successful on the LTA Play Test, candidates will be able to access their qualification course knowing that their playing ability is the correct level for the start of the course.

However, if candidates have (or have had) a rating at or above the following levels they do not need to take the Play Test.

Please note that evidence will be required.

– Level 3 qualification rating of 6.1 or better.

– Level 4 Senior Club Coach or Level 5 Master Club Coach rating of 5.1 or better.

– Level 4 Senior Performance Coach or Level 5 Master Performance Coach rating of 4.1 or better.

Looking to find out what a play test includes?

 Click here to download the score sheet.